Monday, June 7, 2010

Knitting: Jumper and Jaynes

OMGOMGOMG I finished Matt's jumper!!!! It's Leo from Knitty and I think it turned out very well, he's worn it many times in the last week and I haven't even finished sewing all the ends in. It's knitted in Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic (Mid Green) and the yarn is very crepe-y. All in all my first full size adult garment experience was quite positive. My seaming could do with more practice, but the simple mods I made to the pattern to knit both the body and the arms in the round were successful and really saved me a lot of sewing at the end of the piece.

Also in the world of knitting I finally completed a pair of Jayne hats, inspired by the fantastic sci fi show Firefly that was cancelled after only 14 episodes. In episode 12, Jayne Cobb receives a cunning hat knitted by his Mom which he dons immediately to the amusement of the other members of the crew. If you check out the pictures of Matt modelling below you'll know why :) Also suffering some knitted furmiliation is my giant kitteh Max. These hats are destined to be sold at an auction supporting Can't Stop the Serenity a global charity event that supports the charity Equality Now, an organisation that work to end violence and discrimination against women and girls aroudn the world through the mobilisation of public pressure. The Melbourne event is being hosted by the Melbourne Browncoats who are a group of people that are fans of Firefly, the movie that followed the series Serenity and Joss Whedon (the creator of the show and movie).

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Sharondoubleknit said...

The jumper looks great!