Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thx for the Memories :)

Today at Crafternoon my lovely friend Li gave me some RAM that someone had given her and I made necklaces :) I am in luvs with them as modelled below.

Also a scarf I crocheted for my stepsis Taryn which I haven't given her so hopefully she doesn't look at my blog until after next weekend :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chilling Out at the Chillcity

So today!!! zomg BEN KWELLER live in concert.

Matt andI went to the Chill City gig which was in the park opposite Fed Square.

The line up was stellar with Ben Kweller being my favourite.... OMG... awesome... and Paul Kelly (the fucking poet laureate of Australian songwriting) who was also fantastic.

It's always good going to festivals to hear new music as well and we saw Dan Sultan who I thought did rock and roll but he played this awesome mix of old school rock with some heavy ska influences on some songs.

There was a reggae band called the Easy Star Allstars who are famous for doing reggae covers of uncoverable music which they showed admirable skill as they did Money by Pink Floyd, Karma Police by Radiohead and two Beatles songs Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Seargeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. They were unusual and a bit trippy. Anyone who was on drugs would have thought they were awesome.

Heres some Ben Kweller for you to aquaint yourself with if you've not had the pleasure.

We were looking for a place to chill out and watch not so close that we would get burst eardrums and preferably somewhere I could knit :)

When some great people waved us over and said we could share with them. That's how we met Helen and Larry who are true fans of live music, we had a wicked day and because we looked after eachothers chairs we had a place to sit for the whole time the concert was on.

Truly good times to be had people watching to, these guys built a massive beercan castle which I jumped up to hand them some extra beer cans and as they were adding them I was grabbing a photo and OH NOES !!! Awesome action shot!

So to top the awesome day of great weather, cool music and good company off I finished a whole sock and then when I got home Mum and Dad had sent me the most beautiful easter flowers all purple easter daisies and lillies and we were out on the verandah having a glass of wine and talking about the day and a lady rocked up the driveway and she was like "Are you Kathy and Matt?" which we conceded and she said "I'm sorry I forgot to deliver these as well" and handed me a box of nommy chocolate too and a cute as Giraffe toy. It made sense then why the flowers had been signed from 'The Easter Girrafe' I just thought that Mum was trying to subvert the common paradigm :)

Roller Derby

So Joz is in this Roller Derby League and we went along to catch up with Rita and Ow's and we took Matt's brother Daniel and I wasn't sure really what to expect but I sure as hell didn't expect it to be MADE OF FRAKKING AWESOME like it was.

The rules are simple enough to learn, there are a pack of chicks and two at the back of the pack (called jammers) have to start behind. Then they have to skate through the pack and whoever comes out in front is 'in charge' of the jam. Then they have to lap the pack and on their second go around anyone they overtake from the opposition is a point to them. The jams last about a minute and the pack are allowed to block with their shoulders to their hips but no legs, arms, elbows in the face etc.

It's sexy girls, cheap beer and thrills and spills (and I mean that, you get to sit on the rink and those skates can come at you when the girls go flying, Joz had the most speccy stack of the night and did a somersault)... all in all a very good night out.

Owen took good pics which I hope I will get to upload sooner or later, because I made posters and pompoms to cheer Joz on but until then, here are some action shots from my iPhone

You can find out more about melbourne roller derby at the VDRL myspace page