Friday, February 14, 2014

Crafting - Drawing on Sandpaper

Firstly, I love libraries! You can request them to deliver any book you choose right to your local library. So I had Art Lab for Little Kids sent to the Healesville Library and Lucia and I launched straight into some new creative time.

I have always found crayons a bit useless, they're waxy and the colour doesn't transfer well to paper. We have always used pastels, oil pastels, markers and chalk instead and then voila the great idea of drawing with crayons onto sandpaper. It grates the colour right in, which means you get good colour transfer.  Then you can flip it over and iron onto a fabric! I had some bags left from an embroidery project that we did a test run on and it worked a treat (other than my drawing the y in lucy backwards)!

A year later... wtf where did that go :)

I love Matt: Why he's the best man in the universe

I love Matt. He is smart, kind, funny and loves me even when I'm crazy or stupid.