Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY Fingerpaints

I have been looking for some non toxic kid friendly finger paints around the traps and hadn't come across any when I saw this post on Easie Peasie for DIY fingerpaints. I had some cornstarch talc lying around that we got when Lucy was newborn but never used on her and the other ingredients are salt, sugar, food colouring and water. I have great food colours thanks to dyeing wool with the Ravlery Rocketeers. My friend Char from the Sunrisesister blog gets them from a local indian grocery and they come in brilliant sized bottles for not too expensive a price.

So we cooked it up and it was great, it's quite thick when it cools and I don't think that you would use it if you wanted to keep the paintings forever but for sheer fun and frivolity and some tactile learning I give it the big thumbs up and it's totally edible because lets face it, one year olds put EVERYTHING in their mouths.

If you wanted to go really au natural for your little bubba I did find a link for some Australian made natural food colours which I'll be trying out (they also make 100's and 1000's).

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Almost one year?

I can't believe that it's been almost one year since our little girl was born. She is without a doubt the best thing that Matt and I have ever created. We are gearing up for her first birthday party, which people have been 'pooh poohing' saying that she won't remember it so we shouldn't make a fuss, but we want to make a GIANT fuss of the fact that our lives have changed for the better and that we god damn survived the first year without screwing things up too badly.

So bring on the GIANT birthday and three cheers for not screwing up :)