Saturday, August 6, 2011

Almost one year?

I can't believe that it's been almost one year since our little girl was born. She is without a doubt the best thing that Matt and I have ever created. We are gearing up for her first birthday party, which people have been 'pooh poohing' saying that she won't remember it so we shouldn't make a fuss, but we want to make a GIANT fuss of the fact that our lives have changed for the better and that we god damn survived the first year without screwing things up too badly.

So bring on the GIANT birthday and three cheers for not screwing up :)


Leonie said...

Wow, that time has flown! Congrats on surviving this challenging first year mostly intact :-)

Happy Birthday to little Lucia .

Kelly said...

Totally true! The first birthday is as much a celebration of your 1 year birthday as parents....don't let it pass unnoticed!!