Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Last Sunday Book Club

So Ange did a great thing... we used to have a book group. I found it a bit hard to get along as much as I would like to but it was a group of women who although probably quite similar in education and upbringing could not be more different in hobbies, interests and lifestyles. We each brought a book that had interested us and talked about it. Sometimes we had a rough theme but for me the joy was just spending some time with a group of intelligent, opinionated and loving women that I could talk about the world with.

Some of us have moved away and I'm not sure if Sunday night was working for us but we've gone digital and I think it is absolutely the best idea! since I'm already digital especially in the way that I enjoy literature these days.

If you're reading this and you're interested you can read my post which I think is our inaugral book review you can check us out at The Last Sunday Book Group and read my post about Ancestor by Scott Sigler.

Mwah ^o^