Thursday, September 4, 2008

Knitting: Too Girlie for Dad

Here's the cabled beanie that I made for Dad that I thought was a bit to girlie. I've made him a manly man replacement, no spoilers I'm not posting pictures of it until I one of it on his head.

This beanie ended up being gifted to a girl at my work whose name is Brea ,she admired it and then found herself the owner. She came back the next day to tell me how clever it was and how much she liked it so I think it has found a nice new home.

Theres No Place Like Home

Check out my new sexy red velvet shoes that I got for summer for only $9.95 with my $20 voucher that I got the last time I brought shoes at Rubi which I'll admit is a shoe store for 12 year olds but it makes me happy. They make me want to do one of two things, click my heels together and go there's no place like home or dye my hair black, get a blunt fringe, start wearing a lot of scarves, side ponytails and red lipstick. I'll probably just wear them though :)

Gardens of Delight

Spring has sprung
with a vengeance and Melbourne is full of breathtaking
surprises everywhere I turn.

The garden around our house is full of exciting little surprises every day. Matt and I don't want to get the lawn mowed because we don't want to kill any of the pretty flowers that are coming sprouting from the lawn (they're freesias I think. We also have Calla Lillies and the gardens around have nerines, daffodils, early cheer and jonquils. There are bulbs that I can't name in our front beds that look a little bit like kangaroo paws but came up so quickly.

Our vegetable garden has gone crazy and the peas grew so big that they toppled over their support in some strong wind. We harvest herbs on a daily basis and the garden provides all our leafy greens for salads and sandwiches.

We are very proud to present our first broccoli and are keeping our fingers crossed that we get it before any bugs find it and eat it! Our sugar snap peas and broad beans are covered in flowers and soon we'll have them coming out our ears.

Life is good:)