Friday, April 10, 2009

Roller Derby

So Joz is in this Roller Derby League and we went along to catch up with Rita and Ow's and we took Matt's brother Daniel and I wasn't sure really what to expect but I sure as hell didn't expect it to be MADE OF FRAKKING AWESOME like it was.

The rules are simple enough to learn, there are a pack of chicks and two at the back of the pack (called jammers) have to start behind. Then they have to skate through the pack and whoever comes out in front is 'in charge' of the jam. Then they have to lap the pack and on their second go around anyone they overtake from the opposition is a point to them. The jams last about a minute and the pack are allowed to block with their shoulders to their hips but no legs, arms, elbows in the face etc.

It's sexy girls, cheap beer and thrills and spills (and I mean that, you get to sit on the rink and those skates can come at you when the girls go flying, Joz had the most speccy stack of the night and did a somersault)... all in all a very good night out.

Owen took good pics which I hope I will get to upload sooner or later, because I made posters and pompoms to cheer Joz on but until then, here are some action shots from my iPhone

You can find out more about melbourne roller derby at the VDRL myspace page

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