Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Knitting: Full Speed Ahead!

It's on like donkey kong, only 7 weeks to go and some serious baby knitting to do before the little one makes her debut into the big bad world. A quick update on some of the projects that I've completed but haven't had time to blog about

1. Milo by Georgie Hallam of Tikki Fabric Addict this pattern is so much fun to knit because it has no seaming and is kind of like magic. It comes in a heap of sizes and I made it in the leftover Bendi yarn from Matt's Jumper so that he and the bubba can match

2. Shroomy Rattle by Whit's knits on the awesome Purl Bee website. Don't think I'll ever get to the store but the projects that they put out are awesome and inspiring.

3. Infant Socks by Judy Ellis, a brilliant little pattern because I'm sure it's going to stay on her feet due to the ribbing. I used leftovers from my stash and it only uses a smidgen, a great way to get rid of scraps

4. Sweet Baby Jayne - by Heather Hill and published on Wear With Style if you want to buy a kit. See earlier post regarding the awesomeness of Joss Whedon and the show firefly

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