Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Very Own Home Sweet Home

Matt and I have been busy busy busy, not only have I been gestating madly (baby is now 30.5 weeks old in utero and due on August 15th) but we've brought a house and moved in and are finally at the point of putting up the paintings so you know most of the hard work has been done :)

We've moved out to Healesville which is about 1.5 hrs from Melbourne Central and it's a little home on a BIG block. It's in the heart of the Yarra Valley surrounded by wineries and waking up here is like being on holidays every weekend. I am carpooling to work for the next 5 weeks which means that I can get some knitting done for the baby.

We have big plans for our hilly 1/3 acre block although I would love to get an alpaca or two I think that chickens are more likely. The front yard is going to be our vegie patch and up the back we're going to plant out with an edible forest. All kinds of delicious things grow here which we could never have dreamt of back in Queensland like Cherries (om nom nom)


Helen Knits said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Kathy and you are right he liked the scarf. Congratuations on the purchase of your new home it looks lovely.

Kelly said...

looks gorgeous kathy!! Your own castle :) Enjoy