Thursday, June 17, 2010

Knitting: Magic Mushrooms and Ruby Wu

Yay the Queen for having a birthday and giving the good state of Victoria a reason to give us a long weekend. The best part of which was having my delightful Rita come and visit with O's and the bee-you-ti-ful Ruby Wu. It was the best kind of relaxing, the boys drank beer and cooked, us girls chillaxing in the lounge working on crafty projects. I finished a Toadstool Rattle from the purl bee pattern and it's cuteness incapsulated and I gave it to the the adorable, well behaved, funny and nomable Ruby to take home. We went and had DEEEElicious breakfast at Wombat's Chai in Healesville and then did a spot of touristing up and down the main drag. It was a wonderful weekend!

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