Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Australia(n)

My friend and colleague Prashod took a giant step today! He became an Australian citizen and I was lucky enough to be there to sing the national anthem along side him. It was such a special and momentous occasion. I think it takes a huge amount of bravery to permanently call another land your home and I know Australia is just a little bit better now because Prashod has pledged to make it so.


Goes by the name of Anna said...

Aww, that makes me all warm and squishy! Congratulations to Prashod!

One of my coworkers just got her citizenship too, and I couldn't keep the grin off of my face.

Kelly said...

me too! 'becoming Dutch' doesn't have the same pledge allegiance, salute-the-flag connotations as 'becoming Australian' does. (it's more of an insult!)

KatinSpace said...

Kell? Why is that so? who wouldn't be proud to join the country of tasty toast rounds and apple sauce :)