Thursday, October 21, 2010

They grow up fast huh!

Check Lucy out playing on her playmat, she's almost 10 weeks old and can bash stuff and smile and laugh.

We had been taking a very relaxed approach to getting her to sleep and it was working brilliantly a couple of minutes of cuddling and rocking and she was out like a light and then about 5 days ago it all ceased working and there was screaming in our house and I was a broken Mum. So I decided to bite the bullet and try the routines from the book called Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall and it was brilliant.

I had read the book about a million times but didn't have the guts to go through with it because I couldn't bear the thought of Lucy crying in her bed but the first day she cried a little bit and I gave up, the second day I stuck it out for about 6 mins (she wasn't screaming or anything but just grizzling) and she went to sleep and every sleep since except for the 7pm one last night when she spat the dummy (not literally because we stopped using one because it was more trouble that it was worth) she has put herself to sleep in her cot. I can't believe it works so well! (knock on wood).

We've booked a holiday away at the beach for the week after new years and I can't wait!


Kebeni said...

she is gorgeous Kat. Can I suggest you burn that book. PLEASE!! There are better ways and gentler ways.

Read this great post by a friend of mine for some incite into the damage controlled crying can do.

ELizabeth Pantley has a great book about gentle sleep solutions and Pinky McKay is another great one

KatinSpace said...

I respect you as a parent of two great kids, but this little girl has been much happier now she's getting more sleep. I wouldn't let her cry emotionally for a minute let alone ten. Don't worry I'm not fucking her up :)

KatinSpace said...

... and I've read lots of books from both sides of the fence and we're doing a lot of attachment style parenting stuff as well.

Kelps said...

Whatever works best for each baby, right? A little bit of crying worked for William, but Emily is still not a great self-settler even at 18 months....she has always known how to turn it straight up to 11!! I doubt she'll have trouble falling asleep by herself when she's e.g. 10, though!

Lucy is just gorgeous Kat, and you guys make such a beautiful family. BIG BIG love to you all. x