Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cooking: Sugar Cookies (or Bikkie if you prefer).

Just got back from the maternal and child health nurse and the good news is that although Lucy has been sick she put on 1 kg in the last 4 weeks and the nurse said just keep doing what we're doing because she's doing fantastic.

I've been baking too. On the weekend I found the best cookie cutters and I tried some out on a sugar cookie recipe that I got from the The Splendid Table website, which is the website for a podcast that I absolutely love. If you're a foodie you should get onto it because it's amazing, the host Lynne Rossetto Kasper is a passionate food lover and she can talk about anything, her years of experience shine through when she takes random calls from people asking ANY food question under the sun and the road food segment of the show is an interesting listen because inevitably as an Australian I'm amazed at the weird junk food that they have in the U.S. as unearthed by Jane and Michael Stern (although it's not all junk food).

I have taken to keeping biscuits in the house that I've made because I've got a biscuit tin. A special tin that I got from my Nanna Rose's house when I went to her funeral. My Uncle and Aunty said to take something to remind me of her and I couldn't think of anything better to remind me of my Nanna than her biscuit tin, she always had biscuits or slices ready in her house for when people visited. Although I didn't visit her many times because we were often on the other side of the country or overseas when I did visit her as a kid I remember being very impressed by the delicious things she made.

Snails, Cats and Rocketships :) with M&M decorations


Sonia said...

I read your blog entries and I feel happy :)

Corrie said...

yuuuuum! I joke I'm on the biscuit diet now I'm breastfeeding as they are quick and easy and satisying, oh well they actually make me want more!

your little girl is adorable and funny how quickly they grow! we haven't used the playmat yet but I can't wait to get it out. I went out and bought a pink one called little princess for my little princess!