Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years Shennanigans

So this New Years we got dressed up as superheroes and roamed the city. I was dubious I have to say, Matt was resistant but when he found out that he could get away just with wearing a superman cape he didn't mind so much. Turns out it was a corker of an evening and one of the best experiences that I've had for a New Year ever. Big ups to Chris (he's the one dressed as the Phantom) for the concept and also for planning events for the evening.

So Chris and Shaun (see picture inserted of them eating faux meat at Vegie Hut in Box Hill) brought me a very beautiful hat which is the nicest hat I've ever owned and they helped me find a person that I could go as who wore a hat of that style (plus there aren't too many fat superheroes and wearing spandex didn't really appeal). Below is me dressed as Mina Harker who is the chick that Dracula is always chasing and she got made into a kind of half vampire and then she was in the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... well hey I know she's not really a superhero but come on I wanted to wear my hat!

We had dinner at Gaylord's Indian in the city and then went and did Karaoke at K-Box which has a fantastic selection of songs in English even though it's run by Chinese people.

Random photos of the random evening... Rita as Poison Ivy, Owen as Zorro, Gem as Wonder Woman, Chris as The Ghost who Walks and Shaun as a spectacularly authenic Joker.

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