Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cooking: Cupcakes

So Rita's baby shower is next weekend and I wanted to contribute something fun. I'm making cupcakes and today I made my first test batch. I've chosen the icing patterns that I'm going to use, but I'm ditching the Robert Gordon straight sided pattys for the traditional patty pans. I used fondant icing and also piping bags and orchid icing for the first time, thanks to the advise of my cake decorating friends.

Here's me, with said cupcakes, minus the ones we ate.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the cupcakes, you are the bestest!!!!!!!!! Thank you gorgeous! Looking forward to the Flahdance extravaganza and knitted mayhem on fri, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Rita (the infamous)

Kelly said...

you wouldn't happen to be a peggy porschen fan too??!

KatinSpace said...

hah :) i'm an initiate since these are my first cupcakes but i can feel myself on the slippery slope to learning new skills :)