Friday, January 4, 2013

Stuff I Wish I Knew Before Having a Baby

  1. A good water bottle that you can open one handed is a great thing for a breast feeding Mum
  2. Shower curtains make excellent drop sheets for craft, saves getting glitter, paint and anything else all over your floors
  3. Swimming nappies are just for catching poop, do not let your baby wear them in the car
  4. When a bubba says I have a tummy ache or I have a sore back it can mean I want to poo or wee
  5. Art with kids is about the process not the finished product, learn not to be a perfectionist
  6. A great way to stop a kid from tantrumming is just to ask them lots of questions "What's over there, who is coming home later, what should we have for dinner, what toy should we take to bed". They get so interested in the answers they forget that they were upset
  7. The words "It's going to be ok, everything is going to be alright" when taught to a loving partner can stop you from going crazazy
  8. There is 24 hour nurse on call, 24 GP on call and also a 24 Maternal & Child Health Nurse on call in Australia provided by various state and federal governments. They can be a comforting when you're concerned about something but not so concerned that you think you need to go to a GP
  9. Black food dye in cake icing can make poo go fluorescent green (see point seven). In fact anything that kids eat can make their poo change colour and as long as they're doing poos easily and regularly there is generally no problem
  10. More about poos, when babies are breastfed they don't need to poo as often because it's such a complete and amazing baby food for them. When they start to eat solids or have formula then they poo more often.
  11. Pawpaw makes babies poo smell nice
  12. Read widely but take what everyone says with a grain of salt and do what works for you, all kids are different and need different things
Disclaimer: This stuff is true for me but may not be true for you so don't spam me because you don't agree, you're welcome to your opinion.

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Leonie said...

Special note re: beetroot. Beetroot Poo is the one most likely to send you looking for medical help, when leaching out of poo it looks like blood. Before panicking, run through in your head if child has had beetroot recently, this stops an awful lot of crazy calls to help lines :-)