Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lucy Lu

So Lucy Lu and I have had a great long weekend together.

We've cat patted, shopped, danced and sung. On Sunday we went to Lilydale Lake with Matt and hung out in the sun soaking up those precious warms which are promising to dissapear soon.

She's making a bunch of new sounds Ds, THs and Ss and Matt is getting very excited because sometimes it really sounds like she's going to bust out a Dadda.

lilydalelake 002

lilydalelake 008

(Just hanging out on the couch sitting up all by myself)

shopping 004

(Doing the grocery shopping)

shopping 009

1 comment:

toes_jon said...

Awesome to see the warrior Princess out and about, proud looking Dad there too :)

Mum said I had to mention the pink tutu.. hmmm no pink butterflies???