Monday, December 13, 2010

Talk to the Foot


Sonia said...

Ha! I was expecting to see a finished sock… oh well… very funny and what a big foot!

Leonie said...

Love their feet!
How did you go with the Mum's group? Have you had a look around for a playgroup? Playgroup Victoria should be able to tell you where there are some in your area if your Maternal/child health care nurse can't. Hope your getting the support you need. Drop me a line if you need to, it's a huge change no matter how prepared you think you are.

KatinSpace said...

I love how her little toe is curled under. I'm doing ok. On the good days I think I'm going brilliantly :) really when I talk to other Mums it turns out that I have an angel baby.
I haven't found a playgroup yet but I will I have made one friend from my mothers group and I went to her house and did playstation3 dance contests and worked up a sweat which was such a good release, and lucy loved watching it, she laughed her head off. Today she learned that she has legs and started grabbing them with her hands. SO CUTE!!!