Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lisa It's Your Birthday... Happy Birthday Lissssssssaaaaa

... the title of this post is a Simpson reference if you don't get why I'm calling myself Lisa...

Had an awesome B'day weekend. Gem came down with her new chica Tarsh we saw the new Star Trek (Freaking AWESOME), went shopping, had dinner at Cafe Zum Zum (delicious), checked out the new Morris and Sons where Matt brought me enough purple wool for jumper (see photo below of Matt carrying piles of yarn) and a whole set of different sized sock needles so I can knit socks to my hearts content.

Matt and I also did did paint your own at Robert Gordon Pottery and I'm really looking forward to getting my plate back. It's got a bird on it and it says 'life is tweet' (credit to Rita who suggested it instead of sweet since the bird is singing and strangely appropriate because I'm twittering now (find me as Katinspace there my tweeps :))). We went to The Carlton on Bourke St and then Matt and I were ready to hang up our old people shoes and I suggested that I'ld like to dance and maybe we could check out Club Retro which we did and it was SO much fun. Following are pictures of me getting progressively drunk and sweaty :)

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