Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tawashi Talent and Fruits of the Garden

Yay for gardens! Ours made it through the searing summer and although we only we able to save one zucchini it's been a massive producer. We have been successful with eggplants for the first time! As you can see below with Matthew 'the sexy hand model', they're so beautiful and shiny. I can't wait to make Yaki Dengaku.

For the first time our capsicums look pretty good too. We're also harvesting tomatoes out the hoohah... like Char says pics or it didn't happen so see above.

This is a tawashi or a japanese crocheted scrubber for doing dishes ~ it's a super simple flower tawashi and I got the pattern off I made this at a craft day that we ran at my place with Rita, Li and some of their lovely friends. At first I thought it was too cute to use but we've been doing the dishes with it and it's awesome. Have to keep the old green scrubbie around for those baked on gross bits but it's perfect for glasses and plates etc... Less chux for landfill from us :)

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Char said...

woohoo! home grown food FTW! :)