Sunday, August 10, 2008

Non Birthday Gift Birthday Gifts

With my new years resolution to get everyone a handmade gift but not necessarily on time I'm doing not so bad. Working on a tapestry for my Mum (no photos included until I'm done and it's posted because it's a secret.

This is the Giles bag that I sent to Judy (with cute happy fruit lining). This was my first cable work and it was a great project, although the double threaded wool was pretty adventurous.

For the girls I had done a kitten hat each :P They're so cute I wish I could wear them but they make Matt and I look like a stack hat wearing window lickers. Photo attached to prove my theory. I'm going to make them other gifts as well. That was just the first one for the year.

Only yesterday at Stitch and Bitch I finished Peter's present. It's the Jacques Cousteau beanie and I got Matt to model it for my ravelry notebook. He's so cute that I started another one for him in greenyblue patons Jet.

I'm planning to make the Koolhaas for John, designed by the very cool hip and happening Jared Flood. You can check out his blog on my list to the right, he goes by the name Brooklyn Tweed.

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Kebeni said...

That bag is cool, I didn't know you had done that. And you will note I am commenting just so everyone knows I am the FIRST visitor and the FIRST person to comment. WOOHOO!!!